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This is my third attempt at starting a Blog, so why now? why here? Well several reasons.
  • I have been doing a lot of electronics experimentation and I am inspired to share some of my stories. I thought about doing instructables or something, but couldn't bring myself to get to that level of detail.  So I'll try to share stories here.  If there is interest I can share more.
  • I enjoy writing.  Possible future posts and news about pending novel publishing, short stories, etc.
  • I wanted a place to share ideas, and thoughts, I guess that's a blog
Ok, that's about it.  So the content here won't be frequent, but hopefully it will be worthwhile.

Oh, and the name . . .. While the name might seem self evident after a few posts  but while I was considering what to call this, my son started relating a dream he had and was very excited that it was full of "Lots of cool geeky things," his words.  I thought, Perfect!  And here we are.  "Lots of cool geeky things."

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